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Business of Software

Business of Software Conference is a two-day single-track conference for Founders, CXOs, and Emerging Leaders in Software and SaaS companies, hosted at Churchill College Cambridge.

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MarkerMar 27, 2023
$695 Show event
SaaSiest 2023

Largest SaaS conference in the nordics. Join 1000 other founders.

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MarkerApr 18, 2023
TBA Show event
SaaStr Europa 2023

Meet 3,000 B2B SaaS founders, execs, and VCs.

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MarkerJun 06, 2023
TBA Show event
Turing Fest

Turing Fest enables you to learn and connect with the best in tech, gain practical insight into the art and science of building, growing, and leading successful startups and high-growth tech businesses

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MarkerJun 28, 2023
TBA Show event

Meet 625 bootstrapped SaaS founders.

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MarkerSep 07, 2023
$997 Show event
SaaStr 2023

Join 10,000 Cloud and SaaS Founders, VC, and Execs. Outdoors, festival style! The 8th SaaStr Annual: 3 full days, 100’s of workshops, and 1000s of Mentoring sessions— all to help you scale faster.

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MarkerSep 12, 2023
$699 Show event
SaaS Metrics Palooza

Virtual event of industry metrics and benchmarks thought leaders.

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MarkerOct 10, 2023
TBA Show event

The ARRtist Summit 2022 is the networking conference for SaaS companies in German-speaking countries. You can expect a wide range of top speakers, direct exchange with SaaS founders and VPs as well as investors and solution providers to build the most valuable SaaS network.

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MarkerOct 12, 2023
$349 Show event

Join 5,000+ SaaS founders, execs and investors as they come together to learn from industry experts, get hot leads, fill up their calendars with business development opportunities, and connect with their peers.

Overall conference rating
MarkerOct 16, 2023
$999 Show event

Latest event reviews

  • I'm very likely to come back next year.

    I'm CEO of StackFeed a cloud collaboration platform for business teams. I’m here for ARRtist and can see Germany missed this kind of conference. Glad we have one now. I’m very likely to come back next year.
  • Amazing, especially KPI and insights from Nathan Latka keynote

    I’m the CoFounder and CEO of ValueWorks. I’m a SaaS veteran since 2006. I found the conference amazing, especially the insights from Nathan Latka and his KPI’s, insights, and the new offering on the financing side at Founderpath. I enjoyed learning best practices on running the business. It was worth it. Its the right audience, not to long, not to short. It goes the right level deep to get a real understanding, including the masterclasses which provide key access to experts in the industry.
  • The breakout rooms are where the real conversations happen

    I’m part of the Automated team. We build RPA and automation software. I’m here at ARRtist and really enjoyed the day. I was looking to get in touch with other founders to learn how they attack problem. The conference has been really cool. I enjoyed the breakout rooms and smaller sessions.
  • 99.9% chance I'm coming back next year

    I’m helping B2B SaaS companies scale organic traffic and conversions. I love SaaStock. There are so many great people to connect with and great talks. You definitely have to come check it out. 99.9% chance I’m coming back next year. 5 stars!

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